Our business model is based on the long-term success of our clients. Simply put, we succeed when our clients succeed.

We bring the collective power of a highly experienced multidisciplinary team to each engagement.

No matter what stage of development you are in, our professionals have been there before. Our experience and open platform for developing and sharing best practices across all of our service areas enhance efficiency and reduce your costs.

We can partner with your in-house staff or fully implement any deliverables required. We can work from your office or work remotely from ours based on your preferences and requirements.

  • A national orientation with a presence in several strategic markets around the country.

  • Senior-level attention on each engagement and a roster of highly experienced and talented professionals who lead execution.

  • Proprientary methodologies and proven internal accounting templates developed and refined over years of client engagements

  • A deep breadth of capabilities which allows us to deliver an intergrated portfolio of services few firms can match.

  • Access to an increasingly deep and functionally diverse talent pool.

Flexible Engagements Tailored to Meet your Budget

Since our clients range from early-stage pre-revenue companies, to mature operating businesses with decades of profitable operations under their belt, we recognize that each engagement is different, as is the specific definition of near-term and long-term objectives.

For each engagement we develop a customized fee agreement based on the specific deliverables while taking into consideration your position within with the development cycle.

Our CFO's, controllers, and staff accounting professionals have decades of experience working closely with founders, management teams, institutional investors, and boards of directors.

  • Interim

    We provide interim staffing for clients who do not yet require or wish to have permanent employees filling finance, accounting and administrative roles.Our interim engagements can span from several weeks to several years and we remain available to provide supplemental personnel during high growth and peak times.


  • Permanent

    Our professionals will integrate seamlessly into your organization and provide a scope and breadth of in-house, on demand capabilities that few growth companies have access to.

    As you desire to transition away from an outsourced solution and toward permanent employment, we can facilitate that transition by helping to identify candidates and training them to perform their roles.

  • Project Based

    Companies often have immediate need to complete special projects or prepare for audits, SOX compliance, S-1 filings, or event – driven capital raises. Our staff can offer immediate results to meet your urgent and time sensitive needs.

  • Part-Time or Full-Time

    We provide access to engagement teams on a part-time or full-time basis, ensuring companies have adequate coverage for all their financial needs without adding to their fixed overhead.

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