Through our actions we hope to build a legacy by helping great companies exceed the ambitions of their shareholders and employees.

It is in this spirit that we’ve adopted the Cushnoc name.

  • spirit-pic2The Cushnoc Trading Post: Established in 1628 by the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony, the Cushnoc Trading Post was for decades among the most important commercial outposts of the New World. Located in modern day Augusta Maine, the outpost was created to help ensure the Pilgrim’s survival by promoting a mutual interdependence with the Indian tribes of Northern New England. Commercial trade brought these very different cultures together in the wilderness of Maine.
  • 02-whyThe first seeds of what became the American economy were planted through the Cushnoc Trading Post and others like it along the Acadian frontier.It is a reminder that large commercial enterprises can have humble beginnings and that commerce, when applied in a constructive manner, is central to human progress.

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